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3D Printing Revolution – Course Update #1

This course was launched approximately one month ago, so I thought it would be a good time for our first course update.

Course Stats: Thus far, our course has attracted around 1,300 Learners from over 100 different countries. The Top 5 Countries with the largest number of Learners are the US (240), India (116), China (36), Egypt (35) and Canada (30). Our Learners are highly educated (34% have a Bachelor’s degree, 32% have a Master’s degree, and 11% have a Professional or Doctoral degree) and mainly male (85%). It would be nice to have more women in our class, so please tell your wives, girlfriends, and female colleagues about how cool 3D Printing is!

Your Videos: I have viewed many of your videos (Exercise 1) and have really enjoyed learning about what you would like to make using a 3D Printer and why you want to make it. Most of my colleagues here in the College of Business view 3D Printers as industrial tools for prototyping and launching start-up new ventures. I have argued for years, that while 3D Printers can be used for this purpose, their greatest value is being a convivial tool for helping people turn their ideas into objects. Sometimes these objects are made for a business purpose. However, they are more often used to solve a personal problem. Your videos support my assertion, as most of the ones I have seen focus on using this technology to solve a personal need, such as making a chew toy for your dog or glasses for your kids. Thus, 3D Printers are not just tools for starting up a new business but also tools for waking up people to the idea that they don’t have to use objects that were someone else’s ideas. Instead, we can now turn OUR ideas into objects. In my view, this is the real magic of 3D Printing! Do you agree?

Next Course: The next course in our 3D Printing Specialization is scheduled to launch on May 23! This course, which is taught by my colleague, Vishal Sachdev, will delve deeply into a variety of uses of 3D Printing and should further expand your imagination about how you can use this amazing new technology!

San Francisco Meetup: I will be hosting a Learner Meetup in San Francisco at the Hilton Union Square at 9am on Saturday, April 30. If you are in SF and interested in meeting up, please post your interest on our discussion thread on this topic.  This thread is accessible by enrolled learners only, but its free to enroll.

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