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3d Printing Applications Launches May 23rd

The second course in the specialization, 3d Printing Applications, led by Dr. Vishal Sachdev, Director of the Illinois MakerLab, launches on May 23rd.

In this course, you will learn how 3D printing changes the dominant paradigm of manufacturing with an extensive overview of the industry and a look at concrete examples in some cutting edge areas such as medicine, space and food, and bio printing. You will also get an in-depth look at the potential of 3D printing in development, with an overview of projects in India, Tanzania, Argentina, and the US.

In Module 1, we get some views on the industry from research done by academics/consulting firms, from experts in intellectual property, and even from venture capitalists.

In Module 2, we will highlight the potential of 3D printing to revolutionize the process of designing, making, distributing, and selling products and will give you an opportunity to meet the players creating the ecosystem to make this possible.

In Module 3, we consider the role of 3D printing in revolutionizing education and the role it can play in development in underserved communities in both developing and developed countries.

Finally, in Module 4, you will be introduced to a design thinking framework, which will help you apply the skills you learn in the subsequent courses on software and hardware.

Vishal starts off our hangout series, where we engage with thought leaders in the field of 3d printing, with the first on May 27th, 8:15 am to 8:45 am, US Central Time (Convert to your local time) .

We will chat with, Robert (Bob) McCutcheon, US Industrial Products Leader at Price Waterhouse Coopers. Co-author of the report “3d Printing comes of Age in Industrial Manufacturing“. ¬†We will chat with him about the results of the study and dig deeper in the trends. Questions can be posted before or during the session on the Event Page, if you have a google account. RSVP now to get alerted when the Hangout Starts

If you just want to watch the live feed, you can watch below.