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What’s All the Hype Around 3D Printing? [Webinar]

Is 3D Printing here to stay or just a fad? 3D Printing Applications Instructor Vishal Sachdev and 3D Printing Revolution instructor Aric Rindfleish discuss the recent trend in 3D Printing with Jeremy Pullin, Director of Additive and Optimized Manufacturing at Sartorius Stedium Lab. About the Speakers: Pullin was Renishaw’s Rapid Manufacturing Manager for several years. He has […]


3D Printing Comes of Age [Webinar]

Dig Deeper into Trends in 3D Printing with Robert (Bob) McCutcheon and Thomas Waller, both leaders at PwC. In this webinar, 3D Printing Applications Instructor Vishal Sachdev discusses McCutcheon’s report, “3D Printing Comes of Age in Industrial Manufacturing” including the results of the study. *If you’d like to see the video, be sure to subscribe below […]