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3D Printing Comes of Age [Webinar]

Dig Deeper into Trends in 3D Printing with Robert (Bob) McCutcheon and Thomas Waller, both leaders at PwC. In this webinar, 3D Printing Applications Instructor Vishal Sachdev discusses McCutcheon’s report, “3D Printing Comes of Age in Industrial Manufacturing” including the results of the study.

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About the Speakers:

Robert McCutcheon is a sought out expert for the industrial products sector, and spearheads PwC’s thought leadership surrounding the subject of US manufacturing resurgence. He is frequently quoted in high profile media outlets such as CNBC, Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, among others.

Thomas Waller is the Marketing Leader in the Industrial Products Sector at PwC and a business development and marketing professional. In addition, he has extensive corporate governance experience. He also co-authored the report 3D Printing and the New Shape of Industrial Manufacturing. 

Vishal Sachdev is the 3D Printing Applications Professor as part of the online 3D Printing Specialization offered by the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. He co-founded the Illinois MakerLab, the first 3D Printing Lab in a Business School, and serves as its current director. Sachdev is also the faculty lead on the Capstone Course in the online Digital Marketing Specialization on Coursera. Additionally, he is a lecturer at the University of Illinois.