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Futuristic Valentine’s Day Gifts that You Can Print Today.

By Daniel J. Vázquez Islas

I’m 3D Printing your gift, my love. 

Typical Valentine’s Day gifts: a box of chocolates, a stuffed bear with a hearth, roses, and a Valentine’s Day card. It sounds too predictable, almost boring if you are in the arena of dating for some time. So, what if you could 3D print your next Valentine’s gift? While it sounds like a futuristic idea, it is perfectly possible today to personalize and order a 3D printed engagement ring¹, You can even 3D scan yourself and your partner on a kiss and keep the 3D printed version of you with your beloved on your desk² (instead of the typical photo), or you can 3D print a sculpture of chocolate³ (instead of the typical box of chocolates). Why? Because love makes us do crazy things. Makers all over the world can use their feelings to create amazing things we only need to type “Valentine’s gift” on sites as Instructables, Shapeways or Thingiverse to see what love could create.



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Research by psychologists Jens Förster, Kai Epstude, and Amina Özelsel at the University of Amsterdam suggests that people in love tend to be more creative because love makes us think differently than we usually think. It makes us think more “globally” which means that we think more focused on long-term goals and wishes and less interested on little details, so we tend to think on themes as transcendence and happiness which, as research suggests, increases our capacity to solve creative problems rather than analytical problems. Also, the same research suggests that love changes the way we think about everything and that we tend to see a “Halo effect”. This means that we struggle to separate the qualities of the beloved person and we add extra things that others do not see (she is so pretty!, she also should be honest!), this “Halo effect” influences how we perceive everyday objects.For example, we do not see a simple red sheet of paper, we see a potential heart shaped card for our beloved.

So, yes, love can make us more creative and see hidden potentials on everyday objects. So if you have a 3D printer close to you, love will eventually make you think about how to create something for your loved one, so there is no surprise about why there are many Valentine´s Day creations on the Instructables page.

In conclusion, love could be a powerful motivation to design and create. Use this in your favor and begin to use the skills learned on 3D Printing Software course on Autodesk Fusion 360 to customize your next gift. You can contact the Illinois Maker Lab for extra support and print your creation with them.  Let your feelings design and watch them create something unique.

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