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Learner of the Week: Vostrov Nikita Vladimirovich

Where are you from? Russia, Tver

What’s your current occupation? I’m a physicist and an engineer. My speciality is magneto-thermal properties of rare earth metals and their compounds. I’m also teaching an education course “The Art of Additive technologies.”

What does your dream job look like? It’s Institute of Modern Technology in Tver created by my team. Today we are self-contained department of the university. We started with original project about modern technologies in Tver State University in 2014. Therefore, I work toward that goal all the time.

Why did you decide to begin learning about 3D Printing? If we say about course “The 3D Printing Revolution”, then I want to learn about how teach 3D-printing other countries. But if we say about my first reason, it was my dream “To create something new for people”. I liked to collect different things using LEGO when I was a kid. Today I can create more useful things for people around me. This is my talent.

What’s a fun fact about yourself? It’s not a fun fact, but it’s an important fact for me. My friends and I climbed Elbrus in August 2017.

Answer 1 of the following: favorite travel destination, special talent, bucket list item, favorite song, favorite movie, best part of where you live, coolest thing you’ve ever done, favorite food, favorite thing to do on a weekend? My talent consists in creating something new. For example, I won the competition “Engineer of 2016” and is entered in the register of professional engineers of Russia. Now I think about create 3D-printer for food. I like cooking!

A T-Rex that Vladimirovich 3D printed.