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Webinar: My Mini Factory CEO Interview


Meet founder and CEO Romain Kidd of My Mini Factory, the world’s leading curated social platform for 3D Printable objects. The platform features tens of thousands of 3D designs ready for anyone to download for free and print on any desktop 3D printer.

My Mini Factory is a five year old start up business that started in the United Kingdom. The company strives to be a connecter between customers and 3D printers. They believe that in the future everyone will own a desktop 3D printer. My Mini Factory predicts 3D printers will become as common as smart phones and computers.

With the ever growing popularity of 3D printers, grows the need for 3D printing content. 3D printing content can be the software, applications, TV programs and video content. Good thing that the 3D printing content industry is EXPLODING! One can learn about 3D printing through coursera classes, free online and maker labs.

My Mini Factory calls themselves the ” YouTube of 3D printing.” They are story tellers through objects. They host 3D printing content and redistribute the content.

Listen to the webinar to hear more about the CEO’s beliefs and see the data that supports his opinions. The full length webinar also features Professor Vishal Sachdev asking CEO Romain Kidd more in depth questions about his company and the 3D printing industry.