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Futuristic Valentine’s Day Gifts that You Can Print Today.

By Daniel J. Vázquez Islas I’m 3D Printing your gift, my love.  Typical Valentine’s Day gifts: a box of chocolates, a stuffed bear with a hearth, roses, and a Valentine’s Day card. It sounds too predictable, almost boring if you are in the arena of dating for some time. So, what if you could 3D […]


How 3D Printing Enables Customization for Brands [Webinar]

3D Printing Profs is back with an all-new upcoming webinar: Creating 3D Customization for Brands & Retailers. Call it an early holiday present from us to you. 3D Printing is unlocking a whole new world of customization. For brands and retailers, this powerful tool now allows them to provide higher value to their customers while building […]


Transforming Plastic Waste Into 3D Printer Filament [Webinar]

Join us as we chat with Jasper Middendorp  whose work at Reflow Filament includes transforming plastic waste into filament for 3D Printers, a way to bring 3D Printing closer to a zero waste future. Reflow is a tech startup and social enterprise that is driven to convert plastic waste into a valuable resource and to use this […]


What’s All the Hype Around 3D Printing? [Webinar]

Is 3D Printing here to stay or just a fad? 3D Printing Applications Instructor Vishal Sachdev and 3D Printing Revolution instructor Aric Rindfleish discuss the recent trend in 3D Printing with Jeremy Pullin, Director of Additive and Optimized Manufacturing at Sartorius Stedium Lab. About the Speakers: Pullin was Renishaw’s Rapid Manufacturing Manager for several years. He has […]


3D Printing Comes of Age [Webinar]

Dig Deeper into Trends in 3D Printing with Robert (Bob) McCutcheon and Thomas Waller, both leaders at PwC. In this webinar, 3D Printing Applications Instructor Vishal Sachdev discusses McCutcheon’s report, “3D Printing Comes of Age in Industrial Manufacturing” including the results of the study. *If you’d like to see the video, be sure to subscribe below […]


How Can 3D Printing Deliver Humanitarian Aid? [Webinar]

Often, humanitarian workers lack the aid they need in disaster relief situations. Andrew Lamb‘s work as Innovation Advisor for Field Ready solves this problem in developing countries. Lamb works to eliminate the supply chain of delivering aid materials altogether through printing them right on site, ensuring that aid workers always have the supplies they need. In […]


How 3D Printing is Being Launched Into Space [Webinar]

Are you a space geek? Learn how astronauts are now 3D Printing in space with 3D Printing Revolution Professor Aric Rindfleisch and Morgan Saletta, PhD. Morgan Saletta tells us just how it’s done and discusses his recent article on 3D Printing a Moon Base Like what you saw? Learn everything you need to know to […]


The Untapped Opportunities of 3D Printing with Soft Materials [Webinar]

In this webinar, Charles Mire, Co-Founder and CEO of Structur3d Printing, will discuss the potential for 3D Printing soft materials to create Flexible Polymer Electronics, Tissue Engineering, Edible Electronics and Robots, & Food! Like what you saw? Learn everything you need to know to get started in 3D Printing- for free! Sign up! Follow the 3D […]


4 Ways to Get Involved in the 3D Printing Specialization

  Hello 3D Printing Learners! It has been 2 months since the first course in the 3D Printing Specialization — the 3D Printing Revolution — launched, and we couldn’t be happier with the engagement and growth we’ve seen. One month ago, 3D Printing Revolution was at 1,300 learners. One month later and we already have over 7,000 […]